Spotless Cleaning Services

Making your home spotless for a lot less!

New Construction/Remodel

New Construction / Post Remodel Cleaning

Offering customized cleaning services letting you control your budget and production schedule


  •  Thorough cleaning of entire dwelling. Appliances are unwrapped, all stickers peeled, adhesives removed, all drywall dust and debris are vacuumed out and removed, duct work & registers are vacuumed and cleaned, all wood work is dusted and hand washed, light fixtures & ceiling fans hand washed, windows are scrapped & cleaned inside/out, screens placed, utilities & duct work are wiped down (hot water tank, etc.)

Production Cleaning

  •  Cleaning done prior to the final clean, between trades to prep for the next phase or trade coming in.  Can be done in any number of phases requested by the contractor/home owner. Typically clients requesting production cleanings have typically two production cleans prior to the final though it is entirely up to the client and flexibility is always a standard to meet the needs of your production schedule.

Touch Ups

  •  Floors, carpeting, counter tops and any areas needing attention are touched up prior to home owner's final walk through.

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